The license agreement granting the right of use of digital media files works with the license Royalty-Free.


Public contract means that you as a person or entity person aquire non-unique rights for usage of product, taking into consideration the agreement conditions, published on webpage. Having read the offer agreement (The license agreement granting the right of use of digital media files works with the license Royalty-Free.) and marking the point “Read and agreed with license agreement”, You receive non-unique rights for the product and are obliged to carry out responsibilities in accordance with the contract. Meanwhile a written contract from both parties(our or yours) is not necessary and is discussed individually.


In accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, if the person or entity responds to this public offer and makes payment in the established order, then the person or entity is entered into a contract with the site owner (hereinafter referred to as the legal owner) on the terms specified in the public offer, and becomes a party of the Agreement as a User.


We encourage you to read the text of the public offer carefully and, if you do not agree with any points of the document, we suggest you not to respond to the proposal and not to accept it.

If you have any comments on the terms of the license agreement, we recommend that you contact the owners of the site (



Contract Offer

This document is a public offer (public offer) for concluding licensing agreement between the website owner (SP Lariontsev Nikolay acting on the basis of the Certificate of state registration of the Series 50 number 011958120, issued MIFNS number 7 in Moscow Region 03.09.2009) (hereinafter referred to as the Rightholder) and any person who is a user of the Internet worldwide (hereinafter referred to as User) interested in obtaining non-exclusive rights to use copies of digital media files (photos, video, and / or 3D models) (hereinafter Products) placed in an electronic form on the site



1. The subject of the contract.

 The subject of this contract is to provide services on selection of images from an electronic catalog and transfering for a fee a non-exclusive right for the products to the User by the Rightholder. This product is used in an amount established by the Royalty-Free license. The cost of a license (hereinafter the license) is determined by the current prices of the Rightholder (hereinafter referred to as the Price List) indicated on the website


. 2. The rights and obligations of the parties.

Rightholder warrants that he holds the exclusive rights for the electronic catalog placed on site products and distributes and sells the goods on the basis of the law (Russian Federation Civil Code).

The use of Product by the User is possible only for a fee. When you select a specific good and pay for the license, which is constant, global and non-transferable to third parties, the User is provided with Product by electronic means of transmission.

Rightholder ensures timely delivery of the goods corresponding to the parameters stated in the specifications of selected products in the site catalogue.

Before entering into a contract, item with a visible watermark that is placed in the electronic catalog, is given to the user for viewing , and only for a preview. Copy and use for commercial purposes by the User is prohibited.

The user has the right for using, reproducing and modifying of the product unlimited number of times for personal, educational purposes or in connection with the development and operation of his business and commercial projects, if the profit from them is not based on the product itself. The User in any case has no right to expose product itself, or its part, to sell or otherwise distribute it to third parties, as well as copies of the goods on any media that fully correspond to the original and are not part of the new independent product made by the User.

The User can not feign himself the author of acquired goods and for the commercial use the Rightholder's data should be specified and mentioned.

Rightholder and User are required to inform each other about the circumstances which affect or may affect the proper performance of this contract;

User agrees not to post any product in the Internet online in a downloadable format.

User is obliged not to violate the artistic value of the goods, if, in the opinion of Rightholder editing somehow harms his reputation.

User has the right to demand elimination of the defects of goods, if the disclosed shortcomings are the result of faulty actions of Rightholder, as well as demand from Rightholder proper performance of the contract.

Holder does not assume any responsibility for damage or possible harm to the person, company or business of User from the use or inability to use the goods.

User is obliged to use the product only in the volume of his rights in accodance with the agreement and in the ways provided by the terms of a license.


3. Right Restriction for Products Use.

Royalty-Free license does not entitle the user:

• Use the product for the creation of trademark or trade name, logo or the logo part, motto or slogan in any way;

• You may not use or allow the use of good, as a whole or a part, to others or to create pornographic, fraudulent, obscene, illegal, blasphemous or defamatory product, as well as for the desecration of the person or violating the rights of a man, whose image may be present in the Product;

It is prohibited to use the goods in the topics that require delicate moral handling - topics that can give a negative connotation to that shown in the picture, themes, considering the sexual aspects, substance abuse, physical or psychological violence, the use of medications, physical or mental illness , the humiliation of someone or something. The use of the Goods in any of these meanings requires special agreement and an additional fee.


4. License agreement execution order .

Acceptance of the terms of the present contract (acceptance), which is a part of the electronic catalog, means that a specific person or entity has responded to the public offer. Response is a lawmaking factor, if the information in the registration form and the order form is filled in properly (i.e., reliable information without obligatory columns omission, grammatical and other errors, in the absence of unfinished words and other inaccuracies is provided). A person or entity after the adoption of the treaty confirms his acceptance of the terms of a public offer without amendments. Date of receipt of a person or entity responce in the form of a shopping cart by Rightholder is the calendar date, which the calculation of the contract with a person or entity begins with. Acceptance must be made at the time of the order on the site.

An acceptance is considered concluded from the date of receipt of the full cost fund of selected goods to the Rightholder account.



5. 5. The Order of Execution of the License Agreement.

Right holder complies with his obligations under the license agreement strating with the date of cash for goods receipt to the Rightholder account. Accounts between the Parties are made in rubles or dollars. Payment is made in accordance with the rules placed in the online store -

Payment is made by (VISA / MasterCard / MIR) through the payment acceptance service of the bank Tinkoff. If the buyer refuses the product, the online store does not provide a refund.

Providing products to the user is carried out in the following order:

Parameters of the goods to be transmitted to the user : article, type of license, the cost;

• Delivery is made by loading of the goods with the HTTP server to the user from the site of the Rightholder. After confirming the Product order and transfer of the necessary funds to the store, the user is given a personal link for entrance to the HTTP Products download area;

• Access to selected and paid Product is given and available for the User for 24 hours;

• If the link for downloading is already given to the user, the purchase is considered to be carried out and user can not cancel it.

• If the user can not, for one reason or another download purchased product, the method of delivery of the goods can be changed by agreement with the administration of the site,.



6. Termination of the License Agreement.

This contract is considered fulfilled upon receipt of the User the ordered and paid for products. The moment of receipt is considered the opening of a personal login for downloading goods from the site to your computer . The product is not subject for exchange or return. (no return, no refund)


In accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation Rightholder unilateral refusal to execute the contract is a ground for its termination. In such circumstances, the date of termination of the contract is the date of sending the Rightholder 's written notice about unilateral termination of the contract to the User.


7. Settlement of a dispute.

In case of any disagreement or disputes between Rightholder and User on matters specified in the Agreement or in connection therewith, the Parties shall attempt to settle dispute through peaceful negotiations.

In case of failure to settle the disputes by negotiation, they will be considered in the Arbitration Court of Moscow.


8.Place and duration of the contract.

The treaty is not limited to any territorial or time frames, as long as each of the parties perform their obligations under the contract.


On the website all products are evaluated in Russian rubles.
Payment in rubles.
The exchange rate at the bank during payment may differ from the rate on the website