What is miCra.tv? It is a versatile online store digital media files, designed for real connoisseurs. All products in the catalog site, were performed independently by us, which guarantees our customers the exclusivity of each piece and the possibility of buying the rights to use it.

This shop is for those who value time and money. At a reasonable price you can purchase high-quality video and photos, the production of which you would take a few days of shooting, and even months.

Most of the goods are sold without site micra.tv color management and retouching that gives more opportunities in further independent work with purchased files. In addition, many video and photo materials are available in a higher resolution, and can be provided on an individual basis by agreement of the parties. In our online store get only the best doubles, so if necessary, specify the presence of similar video filming at the site.

We also accept orders. Micrastore ready to cooperate with film companies, production centers, music video director, director, and all who need help in the implementation of the unusual, specific surveys and 3D modeling. We guarantee that the individual will approach each task to be happy to realize your ambitious plans. Thanks to the invention of their own equipment, we specialize in micro and macro shooting and flying around the object on multiple axes. To bring to perfection the footage and make life a little bit of magic, Micrastore always ready to offer their customers computer graphics.

Behind us already have experience of working on intros, commercials, TV shows, popular science, and feature films. We collaborated with film company workshop ("Water", "Mould", "Taste of Life"), Interfest ("Steel Butterfly") PostPro 18, Telesto and other film company.

For us there is no limit to perfection, so we are constantly working with new footage and projects, modernizing our equipment and replenish catalog online store Micrastore.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support.

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